Find your People, find your Place, find your Path!

InventiveLabs is founded on the principle that people with ADHD, dyslexia or on the autism spectrum are powerful, unique thinkers who will excel in an accepting environment.

Explore our site and learn why cognitive-diversity is a game changer for businesses and our society.


What if there were other people like you…


People who think outside the box, people who are full of ideas, people that want to change the world? An environment of acceptance that caters to powerful thinkers can be liberating. We have it here at InventiveLabs.


What if there were a place…


That did not function like the rest of the world, where normal timeclocks are less relevant, where learning differences are celebrated as strengths and not a weakness, where exploration of ideas that interest YOU are enabled. It is here at InventiveLabs!


What if you could find YOUR path…


With mentors that can guide with choosing a life path that aligns with your strengths and maximizes your talents? We "get" you, and at InventiveLabs we can help you start your own business, select your right career, earn a college-level internship, or ensure you pick the right major to maximize your chance for success! 


Follow your passion. Pick a path.

We offer several programs that help those with ADHD, dyslexia, or ASD identify their passion, harness their potential, and turn this path into a livelihood.

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make College work for you

Our Gap-year program focuses on passion exploration and career options using a unique approach for those with learning differences. The goal is to pick the college and the major that matches your unique skills.

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Start a Business

People with learning difference have become world-class entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurship program will give you the tools and background to pitch your idea for investment and start your own company.

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Pitch at our pitch competition!

Do you have a business that needs to get to the next level? Do you have that next game-changing idea? Attend our business accelerator program where you will get a crash course in entrepreneurship, and then pitch your idea for a potential $100,000 investment!

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find the right career for you

Are you looking for a different way forward? Or did college work for you but you ended up in the wrong career? We can align your passions with career choices then build an action plan to get you there!