An opportunity for high school students to explore passions and careers with the award-winning InventiveLabs Team!

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InventiveLabs is a leader in creating innovative passion exploration, gap year and career prep programs. With years of experience working with college-aged students, we are now ready to give high school students the opportunity to look at their future in a guided way. Attendees of the program will learn a new way to look at career and college choices using the techniques developed by the Lab. The Lab is not a school; we view career choice from an employer’s perspective. We help you figure out the best career choices for you based on aptitudes, passion, and opportunity. We then help you create a customized pathway to attain that dream career. Join us and explore the possibilities!

Details for this two week program:

Discovery Session:

July 22 - July 26, 2019

Explore career options in a fun team environment:

  • Identify your aptitudes and skills

  • Uncover your passions

  • Explore the future - job and career trends

  • Brainstorm career options based upon those passions, trends and skills

  • Pick a career top 10 list

  • Narrow it down to your top 3 career matches

Design Session:

July 29 - August 2, 2019

Design your career and college roadmap:

  • Investigate your chosen career path(s) with the InventiveLabs Career Canvas

  • Consider income potential and educational costs

  • Identify your next step: College, Gap Year or Certificate program

  • Build a strategy to continuously evaluate your trajectory

  • Leave with confidence you are on the right track!

Check out our amazing lab space where you will explore your passions!

Session Costs

Both Sessions - $2,900

Application Deadline May 31, 2019