InventiveLabs Pitch Competition 2019


$100,000 cash investment plus other valuable prizes to be awarded!

Sign up for this year’s pitch competition with our first ever cash investment of $100,000 being offered. It will be awarded at our gala award ceremony on May 23, 2019. In the past, we have restricted participation to teams where one primary member had a learning difference. This year we are allowing teams of all brain-types to participate.

We are looking for companies that believe in our mission that individuals with learning differences can be the game-changers for companies, and we are looking for businesses that can embrace the inclusion of this community into their workforce.

Selected teams are expected to participate in our Investment Pitch Fundamental Accelerator (details below). There is no cost to attend.

Investment will take the form of a convertible note, SAFE, or another debt/equity instrument that matches the businesses needs.

Only companies based in the United States are eligible.

The application deadline has passed, but if you have a great business, click the Apply Now button and we may be able to help!

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  • Corporate legal services - $5,000 each for 3 companies

  • Intellectual property legal services - $5,000 each for 3 companies (excluding patents)

  • Office space from InventiveLabs - $10,000 value (6 months for 1 company)


  • Free to attend


  • Application deadline - February 4, 2019

  • Selections by: February 22, 2019

  • Accelerator begins: March 12, 2019

  • Pitch to investment committee: May 16, 2019

  • Awards gala: May 23, 2019

  • Apply now!


  • $100,000 Cash Investment

  • Investment will take the form of a convertible note, SAFE, or another debt/equity instrument that matches the businesses needs.

Accelerator Selection - How it works!


Accelerator Details

Perfect your pitch and your business - inventivelabs accelerator!

The InventiveLabs Accelerator program provides you the opportunity to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs on how to pitch and get funding for your business. The accelerator will prepare you to compete for the $100,000 investment and allow the Lab to get to know you, and your business, to better help you succeed.

The Investment Pitch Fundamentals accelerator program will run bi-weekly (once every two weeks) in the evenings for 2 months. Additionally, plan on weekly one-hour meetings with the mentors and guides from InventiveLabs to work shoulder-to-shoulder on optimizing your opportunity.

If you cannot attend the sessions in person, they will be live-streamed so anyone in the country can attend.


Investment Pitch Fundamentals

This no-cost evening program will take you through the fundamentals of creating an investor-ready pitch deck. Some of the key discussion topics that will be covered are:

  • Different types of pitches required for the various audiences you will encounter as you grow your business.

  • How to focus on your value proposition and the pain you are solving. Without identifying the pain you are solving, and what your value prop is to solve it, you don’t really have a business.

  • Forget formal business plans, a business model canvas can help focus your energies without the drudgery of writing a business plan that gets shelved and never looked at again.

  • Got something valuable, learn how to protect it. Saying I am going to patent it is just not enough.

  • How a capitalization table should look like for a properly structured business.

  • What investors expect to see in a financial model, basic blocking and tackling required to create a believable financial forecast.

Do you need more detailed assistance with certain elements of your business? We can help!

Many entrepreneurs have approached us about needing assistance above and beyond the basic business planning process and pitch deck creation. To meet this need we offer, through our normal entrepreneurship programs, business booster packs where you can choose to attend additional learning sessions to strengthen your skills and knowledge.

If you are selected for the accelerator, you can attend these sessions for a significant discount!