Pitch Competition 2018 (Complete)

do you, or a teammate, have a learning difference such as adhd, dyslexia or ASD? We see those as entrepreneurial superpowers - this pitch competition is just for you!

Over $160k in Prizes and climbing!

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Have you honed in on an idea that you think is the next big thing? Do you need help with formulating your business model? Would you like to win prizes to fund it? Apply for our Pitch Competition now!

If you are selected for the Pitch Competition, you will be required to attend our associated business accelerator to help you prepare. The sessions will be weekly over a two-month period in the evenings via videoconference. See below for details on what is covered.

Pitches will be 5 minutes in length.

Timing (2018 Complete!)

  • Application deadline has past - check back next year!
  • Selections by: March 22
  • Accelerator begins: March 28
  • Competition: May 21, 2018
  • Apply for next year!


  • $120k in BizSpark Plus Azure cloud credits
  • $15k in corporate legal services
  • $15k in intellectual property legal services
  • $10k in office space from InventiveLabs 

View a thank you video that last year's participants in the Pitch Competition surprised us with the day of the event!

Accelerator Details

Perfect your pitch- inventivelabs accelerator!

Accelerator Summary

The accelerator sessions will be held one evening each week for approximately two hours over an 8-week period. Attendance can be in person or via videoconference. The sessions are mandatory as we place a high value on good quality pitches at our event. Our mission is to demonstrate the strength of our presenters and we are confident that we can do so if you attend our sessions.

If you are unable to make one of the sessions, they will be recorded for your viewing.

    Topics covered

    1. Our twist - lean start-up principles
    2. Business model canvas
    3. Pitch content 
    4. Legal/intellectual property considerations
    5. Financial modeling/forecasting
    6. Presentation skills


    No cost except InventiveLabs sees this as a lifelong engagement with each team and as such requests a small equity stake in each team's business. Speak to us for details.