Pick your path!

We offer several programs that help those with ADHD, dyslexia, or ASD identify their passion, harness their potential, and turn this path into a livelihood.

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make College work for you

Our Gap-year program focuses on passion exploration and career options using a unique approach for those with learning differences. The goal is to pick the college and the major that matches your unique skills

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Start a Business

People with learning difference have become world-class entrepreneurs. Our entrepreneurship program will give you the tools and background to pitch your idea for investment and start your own company.

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Pitch at our pitch competition!

Are you working on an idea that could be that next great business? Come find out by attending our business accelerator program where you will get a crash course in entrepreneurship, and then pitch for prizes!

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find the right career for you

Have you successfully completed college and ended up in the wrong career? Did college not work for you and you are stuck? We can align your passions with career choices then build an action plan to get you there!