2016 IDA Leadership Award

         2016 IDA Leadership Award

This place is like the Xavier Institute in the X-Men series - people come here to harness their innate superpowers and use them for the good of mankind!

- Dr. Edward Hallowell, Advisory Board Member

The Lab is a vibrant, exciting place that surrounds you with an environment of acceptance and support

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We have an amazing network of individuals and organizations that engage with us to provide the kind of Place where creativity and discovery thrives.

We uncover your interests and passions, and connect you with appropriate people and companies that believe in our mission of providing an alternative path to success.

Learn more about this Place below and throughout.

The philosophy of OUR place:

Listen to co-founder Rick Fiery describe the origin of the Lab and some stories from the first team at TEDx AmoskeagMillyard

Hear Dr. Ned Hallowell, a member of our Advisory Board, speak at one of our Open Houses regarding the need for a place like InventiveLabs

Hear what it is like at the Lab during a typical session:

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Take a Picture Tour of the Lab:

Your guides:

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Rick Fiery

Rick uses his decades of experience in creating and starting new businesses coupled with his desire to change the trajectory of people who are being sidelined by society to create change for people with learning differences.

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Tom Bergeron

Tom brings a wealth of knowledge on new product creation, the work ethic of an IronMan competitor, and a desire to change the world to bear on InventiveLabs and those desiring to change their path.

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Amy Hage

Amy's varied experience in a variety of nonprofits and educational institutions bolsters InventiveLabs' ability to provide a structure for learning.

She leverages her expertise in leadership training, diversity training and project management when helping our Inventives find their paths.

Meet our Advisory Board:

Dr. Ned Hallowell

Ned is an expert in ADHD, and other learning differences, as well as a multiple NY Times best-selling author. His book, "Driven to Distraction" resonated with us when we were considering the creation of the Lab. He has been a strong supporter and visitor of the Lab since its inception.

Dr. Janice Goldstein

Jan is a very unique friend of the Lab - she is both a psychologist for the last 25 years and she has an MBA! She was instrumental in the Labs' creation and visits the lab on a regular basis. Her insights continue to guide us as we expand our offerings and evolve our programs.

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Drew Ogden

Drew has been a close business advisor and friend for both Rick and Tom for many years. He is a lawyer that specializes in Intellectual Property Rights, licensing, and Mergers and acquisitions. He is active at multiple levels with the Lab.