At InventiveLabs, I finally found my tribe!

- Rebecca, Lab Alumna

What attendees Say about the lab's environment

We have interviewed alumnae over the years and they said that most unique part of their experience was:

  • They felt understood

  • They felt heard

  • The felt welcome

  • They felt recognized

Many stated they had not had a chance to experience those things in their lives, and this was life-changing for them.

How would it feel to be in an environment like this?

What kind of people join the Lab and where are they from?

We have had attendees, we call them Inventives, from all over the USA and from around the world (Australia, Canada, Kuwait and France).

Our ages have ranged from 18 years old to people later in their careers.

We have had people with all levels of academic achievement from completing high school/GED's to advanced degrees from Harvard and MIT.

We embrace diversity!

Can you see yourself here?

This is the best thing I have done in my life!

- Gordon, Lab Alumni

We think it is best if you hear it in their own words:

Learn how Rebecca found the Lab from Australia and listen to how she discovered her path.

Learn how Craig joined up with other teammates from the Lab and started a company together!

See what life at the Labs can be like in the words of some of our past teammates.

Learn how Pat took a different path at InventiveLabs and uncovered his true passion - graphic arts.

Listen as Family Members Give their perspectives on the Lab Experience:

Listen as Dori describes the Lab and "the process"! This Inventive is going on to study game programming in college.

Listen as Jim describes the path his son has chosen after attending the Lab.

Listen as two parents describe their daughter's journey through the program and the outcome.