Gap Year Program

is a college degree one of your goals but you are unsure what career aligns best with your strengths? find your path in our gap year program. 



Our Gap Year Program is tailored to help people who think and learn differently develop a strategy for completing college. We accomplish this by doing a deep dive on career options that will work for the individual based upon their strengths (and weaknesses). 

Our view is that people in our program need to know the reason they are attending college in order to succeed in college. For many, college can be a struggle, and having a clear outcome in mind can make it worth the struggle.

If this makes sense to you - join us!

Potential Outcomes

We see multiple paths that emerge for our Inventives after completing the Gap Year Program:

  • Narrow your career choices to determine potential college majors
  • If you have been accepted into college, and deferred admission, reconsider if that remains the best choice for you
  • Apply to the “right” colleges for this identified career path if required

And, throughout the program, you will learn to first live independently without also dealing with the crush of the academic environment.


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We run sessions in the fall and spring of each year. Applications are accepted year-round on a rolling admissions basis.

We are accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis. Apply now to reserve your spot!


Program Summary

Two consecutive 4-month sessions:

Discovery session

  1. Exploration - generate a list of 10-20 career/major choices using ideation techniques from the Lab
  2. Investigation - Examine each career choice considering trends and personal job environment (we dislike the term accommodation)
  3. Reduction - narrow ideas to 3-5 potential careers and associated majors
  4. Selection - Pick a top choice with two alternates to explore

    validation session

    1. Deep-dive on 3 career choices by taking online courses, understanding educational requirements and creation of a career canvas
    2. Field research - visit companies in your chosen fields! Try to live the life to see if it fits
    3. Networking - learn how to find and meet people in the fields you have chosen - jobs happen from this
    4. Mentor program - we will pair you up with a mentor in your top field choice