Pitch Competition

What are the eligibility and acceptance requirements?

We are looking for businesses that are beyond the conceptual stage and have a team committed to the vision. You should have raised less than $500,000 in funding for your business so that we can have a true impact on helping you grow. This is not just a financial investment for our investors.

Applicants are selected based on their business idea, team member’s skills and background, and the team’s ability to execute. We also consider whether InventiveLabs can have an impact on their success and growth as part of the selection process. Unlike prior years, you do not have to have a team member with a learning difference to qualify, but we certainly do think teams with diverse brain-types can build the greatest companies.

Companies need to be based in the USA.

If I do not win an investment at the Pitch Competition, does InventiveLabs invest in companies

Aside from the investment prize being offered, InventiveLabs does not directly invest in the companies that compete in the Pitch Competition. However, if your company requires funding to launch, by participating in our accelerator we go through how to prepare a compelling pitch deck for investors. The co-founders of InventiveLabs have raised multiple rounds of angel and venture capital in excess of $40 Million and can share this knowledge with you. InventiveLabs can provide introductions to investors when you are ready for investment.

I have been selected for the Pitch Competition - Do I need to take a business booster session?

No, it is not required. If your company has all the bases covered and you do not need additional help - these sessions are purely optional.

That said, we have found that many people starting companies have gaps in their knowledge that they need to fill to become successful entrepreneurs. The business booster sessions are designed to fill these gaps in a laser-focused way matched to your needs. They are not like business school classes that simply survey a topic. These sessions are tactical based upon the needs of the attendees.

Do I need to give up equity if I win the investment?

Investment will take the form of a convertible note, SAFE, or another debt/equity instrument that matches the businesses needs. Depending upon your situation, there will be some form of ownership taken for the investment unless it is a pure debt instrument. This will be finalized after the awards ceremony.

Our mission is to be additive to any company for which we source investment. Our intent is to provide an attractive source of financing to help you achieve growth.