Entrepreneurship Program

Learn how to take one of your many ideas and turn it into a real business in this action-oriented program!



Our Entrepreneurship Program is a multi-step program aimed at helping people discover what turns them on and then, engage with them on figuring out how to make a living at it. Finding that spark is crucial for people that think and learn differently!

In this program, we condense MBA-level entrepreneurial concepts to exactly what you need to know to start a business. You do not waste time absorbing unnecessary concepts. Think of it as a cheat sheet approach to learning. If this resonates with you, you are one of our people!

Potential Outcomes

We see multiple outcomes for our Inventives after completing the entrepreneurship program:

  • Start up their own company
  • Team with other Inventives to start a company
  • Licensing idea to third-party company
  • Earn money through as crowdfunding platform such as Kickstarter
  • Apply to and qualify for InventiveLabs' Pitch Competition



Email us at info@inventivelabs.org to find out more.


We run sessions in the fall and spring of each year. Applications are accepted year-round on a rolling admissions basis.

We are accepting applications on a rolling admissions basis. Apply now to reserve your spot!

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Program Summary

Two consecutive 4-month sessions:

Discovery Session

  1. Ideation - idea generation for new businesses
  2. Reality check - first pass to narrow ideas to 10
  3. Business litmus test - narrow ideas to 3
  4. Validation - focus groups and other methods to verify need
  5. Final selection of business idea

    LaUNCH Session

    1. Determine business path - build, license, prototype, etc.
    2. Deep-dive on feasibility - fine-tune assumptions and validation
    3. Go/No-go on further exploration - go to 2nd option if no go.
    4. Build investor/partner deck and financial model
    5. Begin fundraising/partner selection


    One spot in the subsequent year's Pitch Competition will be reserved for the top performing individual or team from the Entrepreneurship Program.

    The winner will bypass the application and selection process and will be able to compete directly for the prizes being offered. An amazing opportunity!