Career Prep Program

Is your current career not a match for who you are? Are you thinking college may not be the best route for you? our structured career prep program may be the answer!



Our Career Prep Program is designed for people that may not follow a typical career path. If you consider yourself a square peg in a round hole, we have an approach that may help you find your path.

Our program leads you through voyage of discovery about yourself and your potential career options. Here you get to focus on yourself and what makes you tick.  We then work with you on exploring better choices for who you are.

If you are ready to make a change, reach out to us!

Potential Outcomes

We see multiple outcomes for our Inventives after completing the entrepreneurship program:

  • Apply for and get a position in your newly chosen field
  • Build your network to maximize your opportunities for employment in your selected field.
  • Take an internship in a field to establish a foothold toward a higher-level position
  • Enter a field-specific training program


Email us at to find out more.


We run sessions in the fall and spring of each year. Applications are accepted year-round on a rolling admissions basis.

Early-acceptance deadline for the Fall 2018 session for applications is March 12, 2018. Acceptance notifications will be sent on March 30, 2018.

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Program Summary

InventiveLabs offers 2 - 4 month sessions:

exploration Phase

  1. Exploration - brainstorm careers that align with your passions and aptitudes - pick 10-20 options
  2. Investigation - drill into the options and picture yourself in those types of careers through research
  3. Reduction - narrow ideas to 5 career paths
  4. Selection- pick top career choice and two alternates

Placement PHASE

  1. Profile Building - determine educational requirements and begin coursework for top options. Build mock resume and career canvas.
  2. Networking - attend events for your career path. Visit job fairs.
  3. Mentoring and research - select mentor and research career paths chosen. Consider working an internship as pathway to employment.
  4. Apply - work your new network for opportunities and apply for jobs.