At InventiveLabs, we function as a research lab and business incubator to enable people to find their passions and create a livelihood from that passion.

Our Entrepreneurship Program is a multi-step program aimed at helping people discover what turns them on and then, once they figure out what excites them, engage with them on figuring out how to make a living at it.  We strongly believe that once our "Inventives" (what we call our attendees) figure out what they want to do with their lives, they will excel given the right circumstances, knowledge and support.


One spot in the subsequent year's Pitch Competition will be reserved for the top performing individual or team from the Entrepreneurship Program. The winner will bypass the application and selection process and will be able to compete directly for the prizes being offered. An amazing opportunity!



The expectations for our Inventives are high.  We see multiple outcomes for our Inventives after leaving the program:

  • Starting up their own company
  • Teaming with other Inventives to start a company
  • Licensing one, or many of their ideas to third-party companies
  • Joining a company that would like to pursue one of their ideas
  • Starting a career at a company that matches their passion
  • Returning to college to start or finish a degree based upon their new-found passion
  • Apply to and qualify for InventiveLabs' Pitch Competition


Email us at info@inventivelabs.org to find out more.


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