Fabulous Floating Island

David kay

David Kay’s new product idea is “The Fabulous Floating Island”.  

“DK” has lived in many small places with a lack of counter space.  He has always wanted a countertop that is lightweight, easily transported and can be stored in a small area.  The Floating Island is just that! It is customizable for indoor or outdoor use. The stainless steel outdoor version is great for tailgating or camping. The painted indoor version can match your décor.  There are so many uses for this!
DK’s other passions are cooking, creating and blacksmithing, just to name a few.

Please visit DK's Kickstarter here.

"Forced evolution"

Steven zafonte

Steven Zafonte has launched his book titled “Forced Evolution”.

This Sci-Fi/Adventure novel is quite different from the normal book launch.  Steven has developed a new idea for writing and publishing: ask the readers!  “Early Adopters” and “Inner Circle” members receive weekly installments of the book, approximately 10 pages at a time, then provide feedback and comments via questionnaires and forum discussions. Steven will refine the book based on their feedback.

In addition to Steven’s passion of writing, he is an avid gamer, air-softer and science aficionado. 

Please visit Steven’s Kickstarter here.