Who are our Inventives?

Our Inventives come from all over the world from as far away as Melbourne Australia and Washington, D,C.  Others come from the local area in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Our Inventives have worked on things such as a fictional novel, a new beachwear business, a new retail store, temporary covers for outdoor equipment, kitchen accessories, and apps for mobile devices. Some are working on Kickstarter ideas, so keep an eye out for future launches.

To give you some perspective on the types of people we attract, one of our Inventives played netball for the Australian National Team.  Another was integral to the growth of a major YouTube channel for Minecraft.  Another is the great grandson of Igor Sikorsky (of helicopter fame). 

So please take a look at the Video to learn more. Don't forget to check out our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels to learn more about what a typical day at the Lab looks like.

A glimpse into what it is like to be at InventiveLabs. Also, our Alpha Team Inventives introduce themselves to you and why they joined InventiveLabs.