Our Mission

InventiveLabs helps people identify their passion and assists them in turning it into a livelihood. We have a name for people who join our program - Inventives! They are people that think way outside the box. Some may have a learning difference like ADHD or Dyslexia; some may not. All "brain types" are welcome to join us, as the combination of different thinkers can lead to amazing things!

We provide acceptance, mentorship, guidance and support for those looking to find a new direction for their life story.

We offer various PROGRAMS for people to choose from to meet their goals:

Pitch Competition

Have you honed in on an idea that you think is the next big thing? Do you need help with formulating your business model? Would you like to win a cash prize to fund it?Do you or a business partner have a "learning difference"? Then this competition may be for you!

Signature Program

Got ideas? Maybe too many of them? Our Signature program is for individuals looking for an alternative path to success with the goal of launching a business or new career. We help you identify your passion and turn it into a livelihood. And, if the Pitch Competition is interesting to you, this is a great introductory program.

Gap Year Experience

We offer a modified version of our signature program for college bound and college-age people to explore potential career choices and related majors. If you have an entrepreneurial project you want to explore, this may be the Gap Year for you. 

InventiveLabs wins 2016 "Excellence in Leadership" Award from the IDA!


Visit us at our Open House September 21st at 6 pm with special guest Dr. Ned Hallowell. Click here to learn more.

InventiveLabs receives "Excellence in Leadership Award" from International Dyslexia Association. Our co-founders, Tom and Rick speak at the opening of their annual conference in Orlando in October.

InventiveLabs announces inaugural Pitch Competition for Neurodiverse Teams! Do you have what it takes? Click here to learn more.

The Lab is featured on Dr. Ned Hallowell's "Distraction" podcast. Listen as Tom and Rick discuss the Lab and its new initiatives.

InventiveLabs is recruiting now for its new team for the "Signature Program" starting in October. Apply here.


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Our Mission:

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Rebecca tells her story about creating her own fashion line:


Watch Dr. Ned Hallowell speak at the Lab re: entrepreneurship


Craig talks about co-founding a new app design company:


Launched from the Lab:

  • Hyperapptive
  • Pareau Australia
  • VRSpot
  • MvY Enterprises
  • Forced Evolution - A Novel
  • Pen Dragon Art Accessories
  • Cape Anne Vapors
  • Praxis Fox


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